Saturday, February 26, 2011

Introducing, Blogs That Work!

Blogs That Work is a new monthly segment on The Lit Coach's Guide that will feature one must-read blog from an unpublished writer. The goal of this segment is to spotlight compelling, thoughtful content with a clear direction from writers who are seeking publication (regardless of format or routes to get there).

Here's what I'm looking for:

CONSISTENCY of voice and posting
VISUAL elements that enhance the material

Here's a list of elements that are great blog features but don't factor into my decision of what blogs are worth reading:

HUGE following
ZILLIONS of links
AWARDS bestowed

Again, having an interactive blog with a big following is great and important to your platform building, but this is an effort to focus on clarity and consistency of content and the blog's overall value to the writing community. It's about a writer's creative discipline and focus.

I welcome all suggestions through email as long as the content is clean (I'll allow a few naughty words); and your attempt to promote your blog is in earnest (not spammy). I can't guarantee I'll showcase every blog that's suggested to me, but I'll consider it. And of course, every blog highlighted will have the author's permission.

Look for the new Blogs That Work post this weekend! I've got a few great ones lined up.

Have a great weekend, writers!


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