Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Service Packages for Nonfiction Authors

As I mentioned last week, I've come up with a few new service packages for fiction and nonfiction authors. This week, I'd like to share with you the highlighted version of a few of my new packages for nonfiction authors.

Full Length Nonfiction Proposal Read and Critique

Is your book proposal ready to hook an agent or editor? Does it look professional? Is the concept strong? Will the book marketing and book promotion section convince a publishing team to invest in your book?

What I Do: Thoroughly review your nonfiction book proposal and offer detailed editorial critique and suggestions for improvement.

What We Do Together: We'll have one, one-hour phone/skype session to discuss your proposal and my notes/direction as well as any questions you may have.

Nonfiction Author Platform Development Package

Ideally, before you put your message into book format, you've invested real time and energy into building your author platform - all the ways in which you're visible to your audience and all the ways your message is available to them (think newsletters, blogs, social media, articles, columns, book contributions, etc.). However, many nonfiction writers who approach agents with their nonfiction work have yet to develop this piece of their brand.

Whether you choose to publish traditionally or self-publish (E or otherwise), people must know you as an expert in your field. Your platform is how you reach your audience. Agents and publishers won't consider your work if you don't have a platform. Readers won't know how to find your book if you self-publish.

What I Do: Full assessment of your book material and any sample work you've written about your subject matter so far. Review your expertise, education, and experience. Full exploration of your career and publishing goals.

What We Do Together: Develop a strategy for you to begin meeting your career/publishing goals; ensure your method of communication is aligned with your brand; develop a way for you to capitalize on your current experience/education while seeking opportunity to expand in these areas further strengthening your platform and adding value to your brand; perfect your pitch to your target audience, collaborators, potential agents and the publishing world. BONUS: One, one-hour agent readiness counsel session OR publishing options counsel.

I also have two Entrepreneurial Nonfiction Author Packages designed for the entrepreneur who has already built their platform and are ready to expand their brand by publishing traditionally or self-publish. This list of what I do and what the author and I do together is extensive. I invite you to check out these packages on my site, thelitcoach.com.

Please note, if you're writing memoir, the process to develop a platform is a little less intense but important to your overall success, nonetheless.

How can I help you with your nonfiction project? Email me and let's begin the discussion.

Thank you for your readership!


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