Thursday, March 3, 2011

Next on The Lit Coach's Guide

Join me Monday for an author branding blogshop with REBEL Interactive, as we continue to discover the great resources in our own backyard.

What is author branding? Very simply put, it's the result of the image you put forth through your writing and your efforts to support and promote your writing (though most of this should be strategized BEFORE you write and promote). Here are a few examples (using TLCG contributors):

Chuck Palahniuk - Unpredictable, shock-inducing, brilliant author of somewhat disturbingly honest bestselling fiction.

Ellen Meister - Bestselling and engaging author of "a smart woman's beach read."

REBEL Interactive is an Omaha based branding, web design and video production company I reached out to to help demystify the process that goes into creating a brand, making it approachable to writers who are currently considering their big picture career as an author.

Why you should care? Publishing has become increasingly DIY. There are more books than ever before being published and more authors taking the lead on their own PR campaigns. Whether you choose to go the traditional route of finding an agent then publisher or go the self-publishing route, not only must your work stand out, YOU must stand out, if you want sales and shelf life. REBEL Interactive will show you how to take the lead in discovering your brand.

Have a great weekend, writers!


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  1. This is perfect timing for me! Thanks for the great information.


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