Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Quick Thanks and Then Some

Just wanted to send out a quick thanks to all you new faces who are following. I've read through some of your bios and you all sound like you're on exciting paths toward being published. Well done! Keep moving forward!

And to those who've subscribed around the world, a big thank you. There's a lot to digest on the web and I'm thrilled you put my blog on your plate. It's important for me in my practice and on this blog to deliver you content that will bring balance to your whole writer's life...not just a lot of quick tips to finding an agent or getting published (which, I'll always provide, nevertheless). I've learned from nearly 10 years working with writers in myriad ways, when your life is in balance, when you've attained emotional intelligence and know how to direct it, when you are truly living on purpose, your own creative mind is that much more nourished and ready to craft with brilliance. When you're whole, you can then sell your work with authentic, audacious confidence, whether your book's been published by one of the big houses, little houses or you've self published. You're an author.

A note about TLCG contributors...these fabulous authors (some of them bestselling, all of them wildly talented), agents, editors, publishers and other creatives have always gone above and beyond what I've asked them to contribute (for free). I'm truly thankful for their involvement. I'll continue to bring the best contributors to the table this industry has to offer. Not every author will be a bestselling one and not every agent or editor will have an office somewhere high above the hustle of Manhattan, but they will all bring you their best in the spirit of educating, enlightening and maybe entertaining you.

Thank you, writers.



  1. I found your blog last week. I just want to extend my gratitude. You have absolutely no clue who I am, but you have no idea how much you've helped me. I really appreciate your time and your words. Thank You.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that, NBT! Thanks for reading and keep me posted on your work.


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