"Practice Your Book Pitch with The Pros: Learn to Become a Bestseller" 
Hosted by bestselling and award-winning author, journalist, radio show host and book consultant, Jennifer S. Wilcov with special guests, Erin Reel (The Lit Coach); and former Paramount executive and producer, Dan Fauci.

When: Thursday, September 1 - 6:30-9 PM 
Where: The Writers Boot Camp, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica
Availability: 25 seats; $40 per seat

Book Your Workshop with The Lit Coach

"From Blog to Book Workshops: Crafting what Sells"

This workshop is geared toward helping bloggers take their blog concept further into marketable nonfiction or fiction book development. Attendees will learn: what makes a blog compelling to a literary agent and editor; how to develop an interactive reading community; and when to take their concept from blog to book. After the workshop, all attendees will receive one-on-one attention from me to discuss their idea for a blog, blog concept and book ideas. 

Contact me for details if you live in Southern California and you're interested in hosting this workshop .

Read an article about the Blog to Book Workshop by attendee and blogging veteran, Kim Tracy Prince.

"Erin’s knowledge and presentation was so mouth watering, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on my blog and start working it into my own book. She has a talent for pulling out juicy threads and live wires, and knows just what content to focus on for market appeal.
She took what was at the tip of my tongue and suddenly I had the words to express my content in a fresh new way.

If you get a chance to take this workshop, do it! Even if you aren’t sure if there is a book in there at present, she gives you solid guidance on how to give your blog sparkle for maximum traffic and cultivating new readers.

Erin’s Book to Blog Workshop was more than a spoonful of sugar, it was high tea with the Lit Coach Queen!" Christine Rose Elle, Glamour Girl and creator of Dollybelle Peep Show and Belle Femme Gazette

“Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting one of Erin Reel's "From Blog to Book" workshop events in my home. As a fiction writer, I've participated in several workshops, classes and seminars about the craft of writing, but I didn't know what to expect from this one.  Still, as one of Erin's writing clients, I was thrilled to share Erin's point of view and inspiration with my friends.  In fact, I made a point of inviting a few friends who didn't consider themselves writers and a few who were not bloggers because I felt as though the workshop might offer them the little push they needed to jump-start their creative juices.

And boy was I right.  At first, Erin spoke to us about the importance of creating a successful blog with a distinctive voice and a strong platform, offering advice for each step of the journey.  And then, in the interest of serving our very chatty, funny, and engaging group, she did a little creative "off-roading," allowing us to share our own experiences and learn from one another.  It was dazzling to participate in such a stew of creative process and appreciation.  From that table, inspiration grew like Jack's magic beans, circling the room and bursting through the roof, and many of the attendees went home and cranked out new blog posts immediately.

The workshop was successful because Erin was prepared and focused, but she also allowed wiggle room for our group to collaborate and ask questions.  Most importantly, Erin provided a positive and nurturing environment for novice writers and bloggers to get solid advice from a professional.  In the age of 140 words or less, it was refreshing to spend the necessary time to learn how to build a solid web presence.” Erin Schachory, creator of Poprocks and Goblins and contributor to Moms LA