Friday, December 10, 2010

Next on The Lit Coach's Guide

Next Monday on The Lit Coach's Guide we'll take a look at the issues that sideline even the most productive writers as we continue our focus on Persistence in a writer's life...and what they do to get back on track (and you can too!).

Haven't read author Monica Drake's excellent blog contribution yet? Take some time to read today. Monica's journey in persistence is truly inspiring. Had she stopped at the first couple of hurdles, she wouldn't be a bestselling author and her novel, Clown Girl, would never have been optioned by SNL's Kristin Wiig!

Also, I'm collecting your questions for another round of Q&A with The Lit Coach. If you have any questions about the writer's life, process, agents, publishers, book selling and promotion, ask me! One question only, please. Questions due December 18th.

Have a wonderful, stress-free weekend, writers!

Happy Holidays!



  1. Erin, the subject of persistence is so fitting for this time of year. At times, I feel I haven't written anything meaningful since Thanksgiving. Stealing away fifteen minutes here and there just isn't cutting it, but running around from one activity to another affords very little serious story time. How does one remain focused and productive during the crazy, busy holidays?

  2. You know, Jill, I hear this often. The answer is simple...plan out your week day by day and then stick to the plan as best you can. Stuff happens, yes, but ultimately it's up to you to get back on track and resist distractions. Schedule your writing time, if all else fails.

    Writing around the holidays is tough's the holidays and everybody's gathering, etc. And you know...if ever there was a good time to put writing aside, it's now. The holidays are special. Enjoy them!


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