Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blogs That Work - The Girlfriends Book Club

This month's Blog That Works is The Girlfriends Book Club - a collaborative author blog that succeeds in bringing loads of great tips, stories and perspective about the writer's life to new and seasoned writers as well as providing women's fiction authors a supportive community to share and creatively promote their work while connecting authors to their readers.

The Girlfriends Book Club is a blog I've been following for several months. Author Karin Neches (who has contributed to TLCG) directs an impressive roster of best selling, award-winning and notable women's fiction authors through daily posts organized by a monthly theme (this month has been all about process).

I chose Girlfriends Book Club as this month's BTW because of its collaborative nature, organization and great posts by an impressive list of authors (like Ellen Meister, Wendy Tokunaga, Lauren Baratz-Logsted and many more). I gladly support all the authors on GBC because of their contribution to the writing community and commitment to their readers.

I asked Karin Neches a few questions about The Girlfriends Book Club:

TLC: How did The Girlfriend's Book Club develop?

KN: The Girlfriends Book Club came out of a virtual tour group called the Girlfriends Cyber Circuit, started back in 2004. Members used to host and promote girlfriends books on their individual blogs. We were one of the first groups to do virtual tours and, as a result, got shout-outs in the Village Voice and NY Times.

But after a while everyone started getting a little blog weary. It’s tough to keep up a personal blogs for years so, one of our members , noticing the success of group author blogs like Murderati and Lipstick Chronicles, suggested we start a group blog for women fiction authors. Now we only have to blog every ninety days or so although some members still maintain personal blogs.

TLC: Are there requirements for authors to become a member of the blog?

KN: You have to be a female, traditionally published author of women’s fiction and we usually only take on new authors when someone leaves. However we love guest bloggers so any authors of women fiction are welcome to pitch a blog. Just email me Karin Gillespie at karin_gillespie (@)

TLC: How important do you feel collaboration is in today's book selling climate?

KN: I’ve always been big on collaboration, whether it be the GBC or touring with other authors. Marketing people will claim that collaboration can dilute the author brand, but I don’t give a fig. It’s lonely being a writer and it’s great to chum up with thirty some odd “girlfriends.” Privately we solicit each other’s advice and support each other’s new releases on Facebook and Twitter. It’s truly an old girlfriend network.

I can't think of a better resource for writers than a supportive community. And I agree with Karin, there is strength in numbers - the writing process is lonely enough. Check out Girlfriends Book Club, subscribe, book mark it, do whatever you need to be in the loop. I never miss a post.


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