Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Lit Coach Service Packages for Fiction Writers

Hello Writers!

The Lit Coach is quickly approaching it's official first birthday (May 1). To celebrate, I have several things planned, but to start, I've created new service packages for fiction and nonfiction writers on my website. These packages are inspired by the needs and challenges most often presented to me as a publishing and editorial consultant. My special focus on how to craft a whole writer's life - productive time management, guided passion, gaining clarity and confidence, goal mapping and strategy, etc. - will remain the thread that ties each unique writer's Lit Coaching experience together. This is the why, the foundation of what I do.

Here are some highlights of the new packages I've created for fiction writers. You can read about these packages in full on my website.

Save This Novel!

This package is inspired by the writers who've sent me an e-flair half way through their novel when they've headed so far off path, have completely lost their map and control of their travel companions (characters) and don't where to head next.

Plot and character confusion are the result of lack of clarity and we address this issue head on, full force, no holds barred! It's go time!

What I Do: Read the entire work "so far" along with plot outlines and/or character sketches, if available.

What We Do Together: Through 5 intense sessions (to start, you can always add on sessions), we weed through the plot making sure all plot points lead to a compelling climax and resolution. If they don't, we reshape the plot and trim the fat.

Then, we'll take a look at all the characters and their individual purpose. Usually, some character weeding is in order. We'll decide who stays and who goes and thoroughly develop those staying with full character sketches.

On our final session we decide if you're ready for the journey. If you are, I send you merrily on your way with new-found courage, clear direction and fortitude. If you'd like me to stay on as your guide and workshop leader as you craft your chapters, we can do that, too.

Full Length Novel Read and Critique

Whether you decide to submit to literary agents, editors or self-publish, your novel needs to be in the best possible shape to score representation, a book contract or to attract the distracted attention and interest of your book buyer. Agents need something that's ready to sell, editors want perfection and if you want a healthy shelf life, book sales, continued success and positive reviews, your novel must be presented in its most polished form.

What I Do: Read your full length novel, offer a straight-forward critique with notes on editorial direction.

What We Do Together: We will have an opportunity to discuss the notes, editorial direction and your questions via a one-hour phone/skype session. Bonus to this package is one free one-hour session where we discuss your submission or self-publishing strategy, OR query letter crafting direction.

Crafting The Novel Writer's Workshop

These intensive one-on-one writer's workshop sessions teach new writers about the craft of fiction writing alongside the opportunity to workshop their novel chapter by chapter with me.

What I Do: Guide writers through the craft of fiction writing with an eye toward their genre of choice. I also read chapters and offer editorial direction and encouragement as they are ready from my workshop writers.

What We Do Together: Workshop your novel and have fun!

What package is right for you? Email me to schedule a phone session to discuss your project details, challenges and how I can best help you.

As always, writers, thank you for your readership.


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