Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Do Lit Coaches Have Sales? Why Not!

I've never offered a sale on my services before. But you know, the busiest time in the publishing season is right around the corner and I'm hard-wired for back-to-school sales, so let's combine the two. Right here. This is the first annual "Dear Lit Coach, Help Me Get My Manuscript/Proposal/Platform in Shape for The Fall Submission Rush" SALE!

Fiction Writers! Click here to see more thorough details on regular service packages. (Nonfiction writers, I'll be sending out something special for you Friday.)

The Lit Coach Express: One hour scheduled phone/skype session to discuss your specific questions and concerns about your approach to literary agents, the publishing industry, self and e-publishing, your author platform, synopsis and query letter crafting, writer's life issues, focus, etc. Sale price, $100 (regularly $150). Book as many as you like in August...the sessions can lapse into September, as long they're booked in August. You follow?

Full manuscript Read and Critique with editorial notes and a one and a half hour phone/skype session for $900 (Regularly $1200).

Save This Novel Workshop: Stuck mid-draft? Send me your novel in its current form of development and I will help you untangle your plot knots, capture runaway characters and help lead you toward developing a smashing climax and resolution. Service includes full review of your novel "so far," editorial notes emailed to you and 5 scheduled one-hour long phone/skype sessions discussing the notes and further direction for $1000 (regularly $1350).

Must sign up now through August 31 to take advantage of the sale price. Space and time is limited. (Seriously, my dears, I am a one woman show!)

Email me at to get started.

Please note: For manuscript reviews, allow 2-4 weeks depending on availability.


"Enthusiasm, education and an eye for excellence are the benefits writers reap when they work with Erin Reel as an editor. She offers the ultimate combination of industry experience and compassion for the writer’s need to complete a well-written, well-presented manuscript that will set them successfully on their path to get published. As a literary life coach, Erin provides insights into the range of emotions a writer may experience as they practice and hone their writing craft. She also has the talent to support writers with the essential elements and cornerstones of a strong and saleable manuscript. I have a high regard for her work and I enjoy recommending her to my clients for her editing prowess." ~ Jennifer S. Wilkov, book business consultant, radio show host & best-selling author, Your Book Is Your Hook!

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