Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Lit Coach Sale for Nonfiction Writers

The sale continues!

Nonfiction Service Packages:

Is your nonfiction book proposal agent ready? Even if you skip the agent route to self-publish, is your concept clear? Will your title stand out on the shelf? Do you know your market and how you will promote your book?

Here are a few services I offer to help you get your work moving in the right direction. Sale prices end August 31st. Email me at to inquire about packages and arrange your time with me.

The Lit Coach Express:

Have a nonfiction book idea but need direction on how to present it to an agent? Have questions about which publishing path is right for you - traditional, indie, self or e? Not sure about the best way to reach your audience? Need to know how to get started building that crucially important author platform? Maybe an hour long phone/skype session with me is all you need to get you started in the right direction.

Sale, $100; regularly $150.

Full Length Nonfiction Book Proposal Read and Critique:

I will review your nonfiction book proposal in full and send you my detailed editorial direction notes prior to our scheduled one and a half long skype/phone session. We will discuss the notes, your questions, how to approach an agent or the self-publishing world with your work and next steps.

Sale: $575; regularly $625. Please allow approximately 1-2 weeks for this service.

More and more writers are coming to the table with fabulous book concepts but no author platform. If you are an unknown "expert" or "specialist" with a breakout book idea, it's time to plump up your platform. Agents and editors will not consider your work if you do not have this very important piece in place prior to submitting your book for consideration.

Platform Development Counsel:

I will offer a full review of your pertinent book material (and supporting creative material); full assessment of your current blog, newsletter and other social media approaches (if applicable); assessment of what makes you an "expert," "specialist," or "advocate" - your education, special training, etc.; and explore your career and publishing goals. THEN, I will create a plan of action for you to implement to build your specialist platform.

Please keep in mind, a platform can take anywhere from 18months or more to build. Your coaching time with me is limited (but we can work week by week, under a different coaching plan); it's up to you to build your platform. You need to have this in place before you publish, whichever publishing route you decide. People will only invest their time and money in a book written by an expert with a track record of success.

Sale: $2800; regularly, $3250.

Which package is right for you?


"Without the skilled intervention and enthusiastic support of Erin Reel, Twinspiration would simply be a "what if?" pipe dream rather than a published text in bookstores and on nightstands nationwide. Erin's insight, verve, and commitment are unparalleled and unrelenting. If you want to see your idea for a book go from concept to concrete, I implore you, put on your uniform, start your stretches, and hire The Lit Coach!” Cheryl Lage, blogger and author of Twinspiration: Real Life Advice From Pregnancy Through the First Year

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