Monday, September 12, 2011

Video Q and A with The Lit Coach on LitReactor

A few posts back, I mentioned a new literary website, LitReactor, that's set to launch October 1. For those of you who missed the post or are new to the blog (welcome!), LitReactor will be a source of publishing industry news, book reviews, author interviews, writing and industry related blogs, my Q&A column, and loads of very cool online writers workshops (more details coming soon, I promise!) all geared toward writers of a more unique literary breed. Really, writers, this is the first site of its kind - meaty industry info and craft development taught by some major literary talent - without the pretense - getting into the trenches with you. 

Sign up for the newsletter and you'll start getting a taste of what's to come starting with some fantastic writing advice written especially for LitReactor from authors like Chuck himself, Neil Gaiman, Bret Easton Ellis, Amy Hempel, Craig Clevenger, Steve Erickson, Christopher Bram, Stephen Graham Jones, Max Barry, Jack Ketchum, and Holiday Reinhorn. 

I'm thrilled to work with the LitReactor team and I'm calling out for your questions to answer on a special video segment of Q and A with The Lit Coach for the site.

The following is directly from LitReactor's Facebook page ( I would never refer to myself as a "maven," for the record.)

So You Want to be a Writer? Good; then it's time to get to work. You must have a friendly ear for a useful word in this business, and we've just the maven for you. Erin Reel, (, is a publishing and editorial consultant and writer's life coach. She will be doing a biweekly writing/industry advice column for LitReactor--and The Lit Coach is in! As a preview to the column, Erin will be fielding your questions and answering three of her choosing on film, to be screened on our splash page Monday the 19th. So get hot, writers. Send your professional grade, burning questions to by this Thursday, 9/15!

So send in your questions, writers! I'll be waiting...


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